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Jar of Hearts

What is "Jar of Hearts"?

Ever since I started making my mark on the book blogosphere, I have always enjoyed participating in memes hosted by my other fellow book bloggers. What is a meme? You can find the answer here. The three I most actively participate in are:
Now that I have been blogging for a couple of months now, I felt it was time to start my very own.

The name "Jar of Hearts" is inspired by one of my favorite songs by Christina Perri. You can find her music video here on Youtube.

Rules to JoH:
  • Grab any book from your collection. It does not have to be your current read.
  • Start your own Jar of Hearts entry and choose a teaser about a character that you couldn't help but fall in love with.
  • Pick a teaser that is spoiler free.
  • Make sure to post it on Saturday.
  • After you post up your entry make sure you give credit to my blog.
  • Leave a comment on my page.
  • Have fun with it :)
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