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Review Policy

My Reviews:
I try to remain spoiler free in all of my reviews, so that I don’t ruin the reading experiences for everyone. I don’t write long reviews, but I do touch base on things that stood out to me at the most. If you have any questions about how I operate my blog please contact me at my email address.
To all publishers, editors, authors, and literary agents, I would be honored to review or host any author, or book in the YA market, on my blog Dealings of a Book Junkie. I am mostly interested in contemporary fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, historical fiction, and most other YA genre’s popular today. If you would like to know more, please contact me at
Genres I don’t usually pick up: I normally do not read non-fiction, or  memoirs/biographies.
I currently own a Kindle, so I would be happy to accept e-books as long as they are from Amazon (my Kindle only accepts it from there).

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